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Buy Fresh Hygienic Homemade Handmade Indian Snacks

Buy Fresh Hygienic Homemade Handmade Indian Snacks

Buy Fresh Hygienic Homemade Snacks Online At Best Price, The Indian Snack Foods Store, Shop online for a wide variety of tasty, healthy homemade, Handmade and nutritional snacks including Shev Poha chiwda chakli shankarpade karanji namkeen

Model: Anarse
अनारसे : Indian PastryAnarsa is an Indian pastry-like snack commonly associated with the Hindu festival of Diwali in Maharashtra and Bihar. It is a popular snack in the Muslim communities of India and Pakistan under a modified name of AndrassaIts ingredients include jaggery, rice, poppy seed and ghe..
₹ 380.00
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Model: snack
Our Kolhapuri Bhadang is a spicy Maharashtrian chiwda made with puffed rice. Its got a lovely garlic flavor, with spices and lots of peanuts making it a crunchy irresistible snack.भडंग Homemade , With Love !!!Healthier , Hygienic , Made from purest ingredients Quantity:- 500gms..
₹ 170.00
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Model: Spicy Chakli
Tasty World Spicy Chakli is a handmade snack made into a unique spiral shape. It is a spiced variant of the hugely popular Tasty World Chakli. Tasty World Spicy Chakli can be served with mango chutney, tomato chutney or a pickle of choice.चकली Homemade , With Love !!!Healthier , Hygienic , Made..
₹ 220.00
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Model: Corn Chivda
Flaky, crunchy, spiced deliciousness. That's what the Cornflakes Chivda from National Chikki, Lonavla promises. The west meets Indian cuisine with corn flakes fried to yumminess with tidbits of crackling cashews, peanuts and raisins to sweeten the deal. It's all blended with a beautiful mix of spice..
₹ 180.00
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Devgad Alphonso Mango - Hapus - 1 Dozen Devgad Alphonso Mango - Hapus - 1 Dozen
-39 % 2-3 Days
Model: Devgad_Alphonso_Mango_Hapus Aam
Organically GrownWorld Famous Devgad Alphonso Mango100% Authentic Premium QualityHandpicked and delivered at your doorstepThe Devgad Alphonso gained distinctiveness and favorable characteristics like the pleasant fruity smell, no fibre, extremely aromatic and sweet taste, becoming popular among buye..
₹ 1,700.00 ₹ 2,800.00
Ex Tax:₹ 1,700.00
Model: Diet Chiwda
Diet Chiwda is a favourite snack mix if you follow a weight loss diet, yet don’t want to compromise on the taste of your food. Savoury and spicy with a hint of sweetness, this chiwda has a delightful crunchy taste that goes best with tea and coffee on the side.डाएट चिवडा Homemade , With Love !!..
₹ 170.00
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Dryfruits Laddoo Homemade Handmade
-10 %
Model: traditional sweet
The Dink Laddoo or Gondh Laddoo is a traditional sweet, popularly made in different parts of India. These laddoos are made up of Dink/Gond/Gunder (or edible gum), wheat flour, ghee & lots of dryfruits. The preparation for these laddoos starts in winter. The ingredients in the laddoo are excellen..
₹ 315.00 ₹ 350.00
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Farali chiwda Homemade Handmade
-10 %
Model: Farali Chiwda
A great snack made with favourite potatoes, Farali chiwda is a light and airy snack. An interesting mix of flavours and crsip texture, Farali Chiwda from Ghasitaram is a delight. Crisp potato sticks perfectly flavoured mixed in with crunchy groundnuts; Ghasitaram’s Farali Chiwda is the snack of the ..
₹ 180.00 ₹ 200.00
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Model: Besan Laddu
Popularly served during Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri and Diwali, Besan Laddu is tight in texture sweet balls made with ghee roasted besan or gram flour and decorated with dry fruits. It’s not overly sweet in taste, just the right amount, melts in your mouth in no time and fil..
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Motichur ladoos are savoured across the length and breadth of the country – in different sizes, colours and compositions. These are made of very small gram flour balls or boondis which are deep fried, then simmered in sugar syrup till they absorb the syrup and plump up and then shaped into delicious..
₹ 220.00
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Delicate rice flakes are covered in a typical Maharashtrian spice mix of turmeric, peanuts, curry leaves and salt to create our Patal Chiwda. Crispy fried coconut slices add the crunch along with fried daliya. Enjoy Patal Chiwda this monsoon over a cup of hot tea! The fine mix of spicy and sweet fla..
₹ 170.00
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Model: Namkeen snack
Maharashtrian Shankarpare is made just like how the grandmothers lovingly make this Namkeen snack. Truly evocative of festivities with family, our Shankarpale makes each moment a festival! The subtle flavor of ghee bring out the richness in flavor. Try dipping it in some tomato Catch-up  d..
₹ 220.00
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